Kaaskop biography
Jazz Interpretations of Dutch Heritage

The word Kaaskop (Cheese Head) is a Dutch term used to refer to a typical Dutch person. In this project Kaaskop, guitarist Ed Verhoeff, bassist Boudewijn Lucas, and drummer Lucas van Merwijk join forces to create a unique interpretation of the rich Dutch musical heritage. The goal of this project is to shed new light on melodies that embody the essence of Dutch music through instrumental arrangements and improvisations.

The repertoire is diverse and encompasses not just Dutch jazz heritage, but the broad spectrum of Dutch music in all its facets. From iconic artists like Boudewijn de Groot and Anouk to classics by Golden Earring and folk songs such as "Aan de Amsterdamse Grachten," well-known and lesser-known melodies are not merely covered but reimagined with a fresh, creative approach.

Ed Verhoeff | Guitar

Boudewijn Lucas | Bass

Lucas van Merwijk | Drums

Ed Verhoeff is a renowned guitarist from the Dutch jazz scene. With his virtuosic playing and versatile style, he has performed with numerous national and international artists. Ed is a highly sought-after musician for various music projects. Additionally, he has numerous compositions and arrangements to his name.

Boudewijn Lucas is a versatile bassist known for his rich, warm tone and smooth playing style. He has built an extensive career as a session musician and band member, collaborating with many prominent artists and bands in the Dutch music scene.

Lucas van Merwijk, an award-winning drummer and pioneer in the European jazz and Latin music scene, brings his rhythmic energy and expertise to Kaaskop. In addition to his work as a performing musician, he is a professor and founder of various ensembles, including Drums United and the Cubop City Big Band.