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New album

The Caribbean islands and coasts are home to a wealth of ancient melodies. Sometimes melancholy and nostalgic, at other times festive, jubilant and sparkling.

Venezuela, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Trinidad, the Netherlands Antilles, Cuba, Colombia and Puerto Rico; a selection of the most beautiful gems from these regions has now been arranged and recorded by the new jazz 4tet line-up of drummer Lucas van Merwijk.

Not a typical drum album with a technical or rhythmic display of power or a latin dance-cracker. All the more a warm, personal and humble little musical message from the West Indies performed by a number of kindred spirits with a shared love for this specific repertoire.

This like-minded group consists in addition to drummer Van Merwijk of bassist Samuel Ruiz, pianist Norman Peplow and trombonist Ilja Reijngoud.

Cover drawing for the cover by Wim Janssen. The album will not be available on the streaming services and can only be purchased through the site.



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